Remembering those who lost their lives in Manchester Arena 3 years ago today

Today, some pilots from EZYVA @DannyHL
@thkmass thought of the idea of flying a 22 in the skies paying tribute to the 22 lives that were lost in the Manchester Bombings 3 years ago today…

The Bombings sadly happened at an Arianna Grande concert in Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017. This left 22 dead and lots more injured. Across the world, many people were saddened about the tragic event and to this day many still are.

A big thank you to @DannyHL and @thkmass for flying the route with me and most importantly remembering those who sadly died.


Awesome feat. Feel free to post it in the #screenshots-and-videos topic that you guys created or here: IF Tracking Findings.

Once again, great job, certainly a great deed that you all have done.


Trully Tragic!

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