Remembering the Pre-Global Infinite Flight

I recently got back one of my old devices which does not have global in it. The device wasn’t compatible with the global update. I got to experience some of the noticible things that were changed, such as the terrain map, the old water graphics, the old F22 physics, etc.

The below photo is the only one which was taken on live version. This is the only screen shot taken shown here before global was released. The rest of them were taken recently, when i got back my old device.

Here are some photos featuring the old water (and the C130 cockpit)

There was a glitch with the replay system at that time, which would allow the gears of the 787 to tilt. Can you notice the tilt? :)

Landing on San Francisco (Runway 28s) at the evening time was one of my favourite approaches!


And finally, i tested my favourite manoeuvre on IF, the harrier. I’d like to thank @Overspeed for teaching me this manoeuvre. Took a while to learn, but old practices aren’t forgotten easily :)


This scenery of the water looks so much better than the current one.


The second last photo looks gorgeous. Too bad they removed the water :(


Why does the water look so much better on the old version?


The water in the old version was pretty realistic… but we can definitely enjoy the realistic terrain imagery for now :)


its worth it though after the hd scenery update

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Water only looked good when you set it to sunset, the way the sun rays hit the waves is beautiful. I like the new water rendering though and there’s an actual difference from flying in the Carribbean to flying the Amazon River


The second last (penultimate) photo looks incredible!

Wish we still had the old water 🤥🤥🤥


Ye i aggre

the good ol times :)

The water actually used to be absolutely lovely!

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My god what did they do?

With the water? They couldn’t keep it for global as it would have been very laggy and resource heavy. Also it was all the same colour so going somewhere like the Great Barrier Reef or somewhere else tropical it wouldn’t look good at all as it’s just the same dark blue instead of a very nice light blue.


Image credits the Telegraph and Videoblocks


Same here, thanks for sharing!

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I could remember those days😀 they were fun.

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And i like how you had the option to make the water move or not

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I almost like the water that they had back then than the water now…

Don’t make me cry

@UnitedGuy19 Have you tried flying over places like Maldives? Those places have some nice scenery as well :)
We may not be having the moving water with the sunlight reflection anymore, but we have definitely have some fantastic terrain imagery now!


Hi i don’t really fly in the Middle East or any places like that but long hauls are something u might start soon I’m still thinking but thanks for letting me know.

I like it. But sadly it was glitchy with my old tablet, when I re got it