Remembering the Old 777

Everyone’s happy with the new Boeing 777 rework with updated details engine sounds and more and hope we can see some nostalgia coming back to us about the old version from 19.4…
All flights are in Expert Server


A change is always good :)


We’re not losing any feature. So…Nah.

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Tbh it had good memories but it has just became 10x better with the update .

So do I miss it ?



I might close the poll since it’s kinda unnecessary

I don’t miss it at all.😂

(I might not respond because I kinda know nobody misses it and I can’t close it)

Well that was quick. It was literally less than four hours ago lmao

I miss it but I don’t want it back I’ve flown the 777 so often tho since it came out

The new 777 has the windows way lower than the old version (which was correct) in the photos provided above. I was cycling through the wing views and the leading edge is way higher in frame than before.

New 777: Imma end this mans entire career.