Remembering the Forgotten | MyAir Arrival into Rome

Hey everyone!

So yesterday I had decided to do some messing around in solo, flying random airlines I never fly in the first place. MyAir happened to be the pick which ended up in a wonderful moonshot.

Server: Solo
Time: Yesterday, just before midnight.

Hope you enjoy!

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Like always, I’m open to constructive criticism so if you want, hit me with it!


@Tsumia, time to sleep.

Amazing shot.


What is sleep? 😂

Thank you though!

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Climbing into bed, putting head on pillow, using blanket, closing eyes, going to sleep, dreaming, waking up.


I really like your picture! I have only flown My Air once and that was to do a no-gear landing.

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the moon is brighter than my future

great photo!

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The moon: go away, it’s time for you to sleep, u too bright

The sun at midnight: 🌞


Something you always seem to fail… -_- 😂

Good shot mate!


ooo that is one amazing shot right there mate, well done!

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Can’t get over this shot ! Really beautiful work

Amazing photo! I didn’t even know that livery existed

When you wake up, it is no longer sleep.


Great shot. I gave it a 10. And if you didn’t know, Infinite flight put it on Insta.


Amazing photo, well done, @Tsumia!

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Lovely pics! Gotta love the moonshot

Cant tell though still if it is not a flying Watermelon

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Lovely moonshot. Sleep is for weak.

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Wow, nice shot mate!!

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I go for a little bit and come back to an Instagram feature. Well that’s an accomplishment! Thanks everyone for the kind words, I really appreciate it!


Never heard about that airline… Really stunning moonshot @Tsumia, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Julian!

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