Remembering Pan Am flight 73 @ KJFK - 052400ZSEP17

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Region: New York

Airport: KJFK

Time: 2400Z

Date: September 5, 2017

NOTAM: On September 5th, 1986, Pan Am flight 73 was en route to New York‘s JFK airport from Bombay (now Mumbai) via Karachi and Frankfurt. When the plane landed in Karachi, 4 Palestinian terrorists broke into the airport and hijacked the plane (747-121). Lucky, the pilots escaped and were not forced to fly to Cyprus where they were intending to go to use the passengers as hostages and free their jailed comrades, but the flight was held on the ground for 14 hrs. During that time, a very brave and heroic flight attendant, Neerja Bhanot was able to hold her conscience and comforted the passengers. When the terrorists demanded for the flight attendants to collect passports, Neerja silently told all the flight attendants to not collect American passports. In doing this, they saved countless lives. (As the terrorists were out to get the Americans). At the end of the 14 hours, the terrorists got fed up - as they couldn’t get to Cyprus - and started shooting. Neerja reacted quickly by opening the door and was able to save all but 22 people. At the last moment, she sacrificed her life and used her body as a shield to save 3 unaccompanied children. Her acts earned her rewards from the American, Indian, and Pakistani governments as well as the major motion picture, Neerja

Please help us to honor Pan Am Flight 73 by joining us at KJFK in New York - the intended destination of this flight.

The only requests are that you are respectful, as this was a sad, important, and historical event and that you use a Pan Am 747-200 with a Pan Am callsign.

Thank you for being respectful.


He did it all correct its an event he gave a date time and location

Because he corrected it which I thank him for doing

I would love to come and pay my respect to this sad and tragic event

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Ohhhh then in that case I came a little late to see his error sorry😬

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It was great to see a brave flight attendant such as Neerja to risk her life for three children that she barely knew :sadness . a big clap for her! also i will make an effort to attend the event

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Can’t wait to see you and everyone there

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I hope everyone is ready for the event!

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