Remembering Flushing Airport KFLU/FLU

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Today we only say Popular NY Airports like JFK and LGA or Farmingdale since GA Planes is home for them but… there was actually one airport that used to exists around Queens and Near LGA?

Flushing Airport (Originality Speeds airport) (KFLU/FLU) was a Airport for GA Airplanes and other aircrafts that was around Queens which is near the city (I think) that existed in 1927 to 1984, After that it became busy until LaGuardia Arrived but it kinda mattered but not really because it was still busy in the 70s

Later on Trouble arrived with a 1977 Piper which crashed after takeoff but what’s even worse that in 1984 there was a big flood with made the airport Died out and became some Wetlands swamp and was closed .
Luckily it became some airport for Blimps but only short lived until 2004
4 years later People Was demolishing the old Hangers to make a new public road and was opened in 2016

Where is it now? It’s still here but it’s very ugly there since it’s like a swamp but if you wanna visit I’m not sure but I hope you liked reading this topic how you enjoyed ;)


It’s really neat hearing about these abandoned airports, interesting topics,

Yep sometimes It needs to be discovered

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I am from NY so I can tell you some things about the city. Queens isn’t only close to the city, it is actually part of it. Have you ever heard of the 5 boroughs? Well Queens is one of them! (along with Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.) Queens is one of two boroughs located on Long Island, along with Brooklyn. Queens is also where LaGuardia and JFK are located! I will be honest with you when I say I have not heard of Flushing airport before, but I sure have heard of Flushing! It is a section of Queens located on the Long Island Sound. LaGuardia is located very close to Flushing, in fact, only about 2 miles away. Flushing is where my favorite baseball team, the New York Mets, have their home stadium, Citi Field! I have actually been to Flushing many times. This is a cool topic, it’s something I didn’t know about NYC before! :)

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I also live in NYC also (around like queens or Brooklyn)


Another one that it had a Chart when approaching KFLU which only had Runway (maybe 2) fluplate-200x159

Here are the runways from 2000-4 when the blimp passes

It seems the runway was still here until like grass covers over when it rained i think

Ah, a thread with fellow New Yorkers. Nice topic, have heard of flushing airport but haven’t ever looked at it in detail. Thank you.

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