Remembering a very Tragic Car Crash @ KMIA - 12030ZMAY18

Remembering a very Tragic Car Crash

Hello, everyone. As much as I hate to say it, there has been a very tragic car crash at Lauderdale by the Sea yesterday night involving a Tesla model S just before 12th grade finals. There were three teens in the car. Unfortunately, two of them died and one of them got severely injured. They are from Pine Crest School Fort Lauderdale campus, which I also go to. We had a very serious gathering in our high school courtyard just before school ended. Tons of tears dripping from about 100-200 people, most of them not even knowing who he is. About 20 speeches were made. I also know one of the victim’s brother. We have some classes together and he didn’t show up to school today. There appeared to be a news helicopter observing the scene but I’m not sure if it was a news one. The reason we’re doing this flight is to simply never forget this tragic event and send prayers to the families of these victims. Thank you for reading. More info:

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The route will be KMIA-KORD in an american airlines 737-800. Please try to spawn in ten minutes before this event.

Flight time: anywhere from 2 hours to 3 hours 30 minutes. Looking more like 2 hours 30 minutes now.
I’d recommend you put in 3hours 30minutes of fuel
Cruising altitude will be FL330.
Speed before 10,000 feet: 240kts
Speed after 10,000 feet: 270kts
Cruising speed: M0.78
VS before 10,000 feet: 2,500FPM
VS after 10,000 feet: 2,000 FPM
(You can adjust your VS after FL290 if needed)


Server: Expert

Region: United States of America

Airport: KMIA

Time: 2030Z

NOTAM: Please be official because this is on the expert server and please go to your assigned gate. Also, please tell me you want a gate and tell me your callsign if you want to come. More gates will be added if needed.


D1: @Plane_Masta callsign: AAVA0045
D2: @77W callsign: American 1109 (A321 used specially)
D3: @Balloonchaser (maybe) callsign: BCHASER
D4: @newbie427 callsign: American 603
D5: @rileymoyer callsign: AAVA274


May they rest in peace, sad to see lives cut short. 🙏🏾


I will take any gate. May those involved rest in peace and my and (and probably many others) thoughts go out to the family’s and friends. What a tragic and devastating incident, hopefully the teen in hospital gets well soon.


Thanks for signing up! Can you tell me your callsign you will be using please? A realistic one is American 2737 @77W

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This is very sad to hear. Praying for comfort for all the friends&family of the victims.
Just a small little question, how come you’re not having it out of FLL instead?


I decided in case it got crazy, I’d leave it at KMIA so we have more space @RTG113

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Am I allowed to use the A321 as AAL1109, I’m probably not so I prepared a backup: AAL2574 738. Thanks :)

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Thanks! I will only allow one person to use the A321 on this route, so I can keep it realistic because one A321 operates this route each day

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Thank you very much! See you then.

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Very disappointing to be reading this. My sincerest condolences with the friends and family of the victims.

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This is quite sad.

Those 2 people will never walk across the stage (or whatever you guys do) to graduate. They won’t go to college. They won’t get married. They won’t have kids… They are dead and there’s nothing nobody can do about it. As much as anyone might want them back, they are gone. Kids are special and should be savored while people have them as anything can happen in a quick “snap”.

Rest In Peace

I’ll try to make this event if I am available


Not to mention these teens were going to graduate 12th grade pretty much in a few days if all went well ):

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Tesla seems to just get farther from safe to me when events like this happen.
R.I.P (Two students who hopfully had a great future ahead lives cut short)

And about what you said, they would have graduated at the last day of school??? It’s surprising because most 12th graders get out 2 weeks before other grades.

Also, PMP would of been a better airport to start. You would only have to use GA aircraft though.


My sincere condolences to the family and friends. I will take any gate if possible. My call call sign is JetBlue 275

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Thanks for joining! I will give you the callsign jetblue 275 but remember this will be held in an american airlines 737-800 @newbie427

This Event is on Expert therefore IFATC is the only one who could control. IFATC is not in that region on the day of the event therefore its slim to none that you will get ATC for the event

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Oh my gosh, we go there every year, I meant I know you mentioned the deaths, but I hope the families/any other involved parties are doing alright!

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@newbie427 can I get confirmation that you are using a JetBlue callsign even though the plane we are using is the AA 737-800 please?

@Balloonchaser can you please tell me what callsign you are using?

BCHASER is my normal callsign and I will be using that (Unless we want to do a MAY - YOU - REST - IN - PEACE kind of thing)

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I’ll use the call sign American 603

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