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Fellow student pilots!
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As most of us cannot get back in the air to rack up our hours, I figured I’d give us all a challenge. Let’s see how much you know about your home airport, and the aircraft you fly…

Firstly, lets see if you remember your pre-flight procedures. Your walk-around strategy, flight planing, and all other stuff you do as prep for your flight.

Secondly, do you remember your N-number? The aircraft type? Your V speeds, and your home airports unicom or tower frequency? How about that runway that you always taxi out to. And the other end of it would be…

Thirdly, feel free to share any personal details here. Give a shout out to your instructor, plane, airport, controllers working hard in the tower, or airport staff. Tell us any memorable experiences you had when training. Why you love aviation.

Note: If you fly multiply planes, you can choose the one you fly most, or challenge your self and do all of them. If you are a pilot already, feel free to take this challenge as well. Give us newbies a little taste of what it’s really like to be a pilot.

Mine as an example

Pre-flight: Check fuel, check all control surfaces move freely, check engine for leakage and see if everything is plugged in where it’s supposed to be, check prop for cracks, check for brake fluid leakage and tire pressure, check fuel quantity, baggage door shut. Prior to the flight, we also check the weather at the departure and arrival airports, along with the list of frequencies we may use/need.

Type of aircraft: Piper Tri-Pacer
N-Number: N2628P ;)
V speeds: 75, 79, 84
0Q9 unicom: 122.8
0Q9 runways (in use): 26, 8 (RP)

(There’s the plane I fly, at rest after a long operation (we had to replace the engine after an engine failure a couple months ago). It’s really short, and has tiny wings, so it has really annoying v speeds.)

Credit to my CFI Richard, who has been so patient with me along the way. My home airport staff have also been amazing to me. And as for the plane, it maybe be short, old, a tad bit ugly and have really annoying v speeds, it’s an amazing training aircraft.

Feel free to share a pic of your aircraft. If you or someone else is in the picture, it may be a good idea to blur yourself out or not use it at all.
And if you feel there is something else we should know, feel free to add that as well.

Lastly, have fun! Even though we can’t fly, it doesn’t mean we can’t work on our memories!
Stay safe everybody, and stay positive!

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The pic of the Tri-Pacer I took (with an Ipotato 6, so forgive the quality)


Very nice idea! I wish I had a ppl…


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