Remember MH370

I just watched Netflix documentary
‘MH370: The Plane That Disappeared’

I found out about the accident investigation report last week, so I watched it and it was the most impressive documentary I’ve seen recently.
So I tried to reproduce it.
What if MH370 Landed in Beijing?

//🛩Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER

//🛫🇲🇾WMKK Kuala Lumpur International
//🛬🇨🇳ZBAA Beijing Capital International

//Free Flight • Casual Server

Photo took one day before accident



What a great tribute. This mystery has always fascinated me. How could a machine so large with so many people on it vanish without a trace? The flaperon (darn you autocorrect!) recovered on Reunion Island has its flaws. The barnacles a French lab tested from the supposed debris don’t match the age of MH370.

I always figured someone, somewhere knows something, but maybe most if not all of us will know what happened that fateful May night:


don’t worry, it got teleported to the backrooms where they are living happily every after with the friendly entities that provide them food and water 😊


It’s a hypothesis, but I wonder if it’s just a coincidence that there was an air force base on the route where MH370 was passing, and that training was taking place at that time, and that there was an Airborne early warning and control that could control the radar.


Such a thoughtful tribute

I just begun episode 3. I’d be lieing if I said I haven’t shed a few tears watching it. 🕊️🙏


I think it’s the best resource that organizes various opinions and hypotheses in one place
Ps. I actually cried too…😭