Remember Denver Stapleton?


Since todays FNF is Denver is its a really big and modern airport as of today but… there used to be another KDEN In the 90s and that is stapleton

Denver Stapleton is an Domestic and international airport which is a hub for Continental, Western, United airlines, and original frontier airlines
This airport can handle small and big planes at the same time from the Beech 1900D to the 747 (or DC-10), This airport had a good run over the years until 1995 it has been replaced by the newer Denver International airport for good

After that some terminals have been demolished and destroyed except the Control tower which is still here today but closed in the public, and the terminals became a average neighborhood near KDEN and the runways became like Highways/Expressways so most of the airport cannot be seen as of today
Not many today don’t know this airport today but we can make sure other peoples have memory of it also by planespotters or people born before 1995

Anyway that’s all for today I hope you enjoyed this.

(Sadly I cannot find the destinations and routes that airlines used on Stapleton)


I recently watched a video on the last flight out of Denver Stapleton. I think there is a restaurant below the control tower now also.

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It’s crazy to think how this airport grew so much over the years!
Thanks for sharing the info!

Very interesting! I have heard about the old airport at some point but had completely forgotten it in the meantime. Thanks for the refresher!

what do you mean “Denver Stapleton”

that airport never existed

it’s fake, it was all a dream

Denver airport is the only true Denver airport

My dad flew out of Stapleton all the time in the early 90s, when he had a job where he would travel around 3 times a week. He’s told me he didn’t really like it because it was small and cramped, and has said he’s liked DIA much better since of how open it was. I recently drove by the old site and it’s completely redeveloped.

I-70 used to go under 35R/17L at Stapleton, since it was closer to the city to where DIA is.


Yea I’ve seen it earlier

I live in Denver although I am too young to have seen/been to Stapleton. I have been to the restaurant under the control tower though. They also have bowling and mini golf if I recall correctly. Cool Place!

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