Remeberance day/Veterans day Theme

Hi everyone,

November 11th is tomorrow! It marks the end of WW1 and a day to celebrate those who have served, are serving and died keeping us safe. To honor military pilots, we will fly military aircraft tomorrow all day on all servers. All airports welcome and all military planes are welcome, however here are some special airports and planes you might want to use tomorrow:

1. CFB Trenton (CYTR) and the C-130J Royal Canadian Air Force

**2. John F. Kennedy Airport, New York (KJFK) and the P-38 Lightning **

3. RAF Alconbury U.K. (EGWZ) and the Supermarine Spitfire

4. Fort Nellis AFB, Nevada (KLSV) and the USAF F-16 Fighting Falcon

5. Baghdad Air Force Base (ORBI) and the C-17 Galaxy

6. Andrews AFB, Maryland (KADW) and The 747-200/VC-25 Air Force One

7. Eindhoven Airport, Netherlands (EHEH) and the MD-10/KC-10 Royal Netherlands Air Force


I’d love to see all sorts of military aircraft besides these! Edwards AFB is another massive one that should be busy tomorrow. Please also take time tomorrow to have a moment of silence for the fallen. We celebrate the accomplishments of pilots in combat by flying these planes. Happy flying!


Very nice man
In my school we always take a 2 minutes of silence to honor the hero’s of the country 👊🏽👍


I’d suggest trying to do a fly out tomorrow and maybe from North bay or Trenton AFB… As it’s Remembrance day for Canada so.

It’s November 11th by the way. 👍🏻


maybe instead organize a giant flyout?

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ahahAHA there wouldn’t be enough time, I was thinking about it though

Ummmm just make sure that you change your date to “November” not September…

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This is an event. Please keep to the forum categories. Thanks!