Remaking Top Gun and Final Countdown Scenes in Infinite Flight @NTGE TIME NOT YET DECIDED

Hello there!

I’m looking for a group of people potentially interested in recreating some scenes from the movies Top Gun and Final Countdown. If you’re interested, let me know by replying you’re interested. I just want to see how many people are interested in doing this.

Scenes to be shot:

F-14 vs MiG-28 (opening scene, top gun)

F-14 x2 vs A6M x2 (F-14 vs Zero, final countdown)

Sign Up Pilot Slots:

Sign Up Here:

F-14 1: @LongHaulGuy

F-14 2: @rockpapernuke

MiG-28 1: @Butter_Boi

MiG-28 2: @Fat_Swagboi

MiG-28 3: @KennedyTurner

MiG-28 4 : @anon9524891

A6M (Spitfire) 1 -

A6M (Spitfire) 2 -

Substitutes/backup pilot (Just incase someone can’t make it):

Spitfire - @rockpapernuke
F-16 - @Fat_Swagboi

Stand By List:

No date has been set yet, location to be at Reao Airstrip, or as like to call it an aircraft carrier, and if we do Final Countdown recreations, we’ll use the same place

No sign up close date has been set yet


I never saw these movies

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What did you have in mind ? Jolly Rogers variant would be mint in IF😂

Ps top gun and final count down 2 best naval aviator / f14 era movies ever produced

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I don’t know what scenes specifically, I’m just seeing how many people would be interested.

And that’s exactly why I chose these specific ones

Im down!!!

I need at least 1 more person for the F-14 vs MiG-28 fight. Anyone interested? Preferably someone that is available at 4:10-5:00PM PST or 10:30-11:59PM PST.

It is very fun! Mavric is a cool guy!

Are you interested in joining?
Yes the movie is fun. That’s one of the reasons I’m even wanting to try and replicate some of the aerial scenes here in Infinite Flight

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Yes, The old TOPGUN is cool, I would like to recreate it in IF!


This sounds fun


@Butter_Boi @Luke_King-kong
Which movies are you guys wanting to recreate, as you both sound interested. What times are you available (both day and time on that day). Preferably around 2400z almost everyday would be nice

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Sure. If love to. Shouldn’t this be in #live though?

I didn’t know what section to put it in, so I just left it as General

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Where do I sign up 🤤🔥🇺🇸

I’m just currently taking notice of how many people would potentially be interested. There’s no sign ups yet
I can @ you when they do come out though

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We should do a mix generation dog fight. One person in an F-14, one in a Spitfire, one in an F-16, and one in an F-22.

That’s not the point of this, but maybe in the future


@DeltaMD88Fan @KennedyTurner @Luke_King-kong @Butter_Boi @Benrdutch

I’ll post the sign up for it later today or tomorrow


You wanna do some practice?