(Remake) The top 10 busiest African airports of 2020

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Welcome to this top 10 busiest airport of Africa in 2020

Number 10: Tunis Carthage, Tunis 


Built in 1920, this airport is located in the North of Tunisia, it had 6,2 million of passengers in 2020.
The airport is the main base of Nouvelair Tunisie, Tuniasair, TunisLate Express, the former Syphax Airlines and Tunisavia.

Number 9: Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos


Located in Lagos, Nigeria’s capital, it was built during the World War II and was named after
Murtala Muhammed, the fourth military ruler of Nigeria. It had 6,5 million of passengers in 2020.
The airport is the main base of Arik Air, Air Peace, Dana Air…

Number 8: Hurghada International Airport, Hurghada


This airport is the East of Egypt, in the city of Zurghada. It is the second busiest airport of Egypt after Cairo and the eighth of Africa.
It had 6,6 million passengers in 2020.

Number 7: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi

The busiest airport of Kenya and the seventh of Africa, Jomo Kenyatta was built in 1958.
It was named “Embakasi Airport” until 1978 (name was changed to Kenya’s first president and prime minister Jomo Kenyatta).
It was ranked “The best African Airport” in 2018.
It had 7 039 175 passengers in 2020.

Number 6: Houari Boumediene Airport, Algiers

Located in Algeria, Algiers International Airport was built in 1924 with the name of “Maison Blanche Aéroport” (“White House Airport”).
It was named to a former Algerian president, Houari Boumediene. It is the main base of Air Algiere JetStar and Tassili Airlines.
It had 7,5 million of passengers.

Number 5: Mohammed V International Airport, Casablanca

Casablanca International Airport (Morocco) was built during WWII by the USA (1943) with the name of “Berrechid Airfield”.
In the middle of 1950s during the Cold War, it was named “Nouasseur Air Base”.
Then it was named after King V Mohammad of Morocco.
The airport is the main base of Air Arabia Maroc, Royal Air Maroc and Royal Air Maroc Express.
It is the home airport of @BayoMan.

Had 10 306 293 passengers.

Number 4: Cape Town International Airport, Cape Town

Second busiest South African airport after Johannesburg, it was opened in 1954.
It is the hub for Mango and FlySafair.

Had 10 823 737 passengers in 2020.

Number 3: Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa

Main hub of Ethiopian Airlines and National Airlines Ethiopia, Bole International Airport (Ethiopia) was built around 1960, and expanded in 1997.

Had 12 143 938 passengers in 2020.

Number 2: Cairo International Airport, Cairo

The busiest airport of Egypt and the main hub of Egyptair, Egyptair Express and Nile Air. Cairo Airport was built with the name of “Bayn Field Air Force Base” by the USA Army during WWII.

Had 15 010 501 passengers in 2020.

Number 1: Oliver Reginald Tambo, Johannesburg

With a number of 21 665 403 passengers in 2020, Johannesburg Airport in the busiest airport of Africa and South Africa, it is also the main hub for Mango, Kulula, AirLink, South African Airways, FlySafair, AirLink and Comair.
Built in 1942, the airport was known as “Jan Smuts Airport” after the former South African Prime Minister of the same name.
In 1994, it was renamed to “Johannesburg International Airport”.
In October 2006, it was renamed to “Olivier Tambo* Airport”.

*A former President of the African National institute.



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