Remake of Bahama islands

Infinite flight needs to ready the Bahama islands like st. Martin and st. Barth if you agree like so we can hopefully get a remake!✈️

Why do they need to remake the Bahamas Islands? The islands themself or the airports?

The scenery is great but in st. Barth when your approaching you can see the airport through the mountain?

The islands

That’s the same everywhere, you can always see airports through the terrain.

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The Caribbean and the Bahamas are two separate island groups. St. Barth’s does have an issue with the invisible mountain peak… But what’s wrong with St. Maarten?

Well maybe they should fix that but thanks for replying!

Hate to be that guy, but this doesn’t tell me anything. You need to provide more information and visuals. It has to also be more structured.


Known bug.