Remaining in the pattern

So if I announce I will remain in the pattern, at which altitude do I have to turn to crosswind leg if I am in an airliner and is it still possible to leave the patter for example after crosswind leg?

For jets, pattern altitude is 1500ft (AAL)


Also after takeoff?

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The pattern altitudes for aircraft remaining in the pattern is 1,000 feet above airport level (AAL) for General Aviation (GA) aircraft, and 1,500 for Jets.

If you wish to do a few touch and goes and then depart the airspace then it’s best that you request departure in the specific direction that you wish to fly in after your last touch and go.


If you takeoff (leave the airport) you wouldn’t stay in the pattern, nor announce this.

Disregard this if it’s not fitting to your question, sorry.

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You don’t announce remaining in the pattern if you are going to depart, only if you are in a pattern, if you are already flying a pattern and you want to leave, call a departure and contact departure, if that isn’t available then fly in that direction you called and as high as you want once you leave the airspace.


No that’s what I wasn’t sure about. Thanks ;D

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Thank you :D

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Thank you for answering the question :D

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No problem, if you want to takeoff you just announce "departing …“. If you make a 180° turn after takeoff and climb-out parallel to the runway (because that’s the direction of your departure), you’re still departing and not remaining in any kind of pattern as you don’t want to come in again at the moment.

Glad I could help!

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To answer your question, turn crosswind at 500 feet agl, then climb to 1000 agl for GA props, or 1500 agl for jet aircraft.

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If you want a detailed explanation of “how to fly a pattern” check this out.

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Leit question: what is the correct pattern altitude on the Q400 and the citation?

Q400 = prop = 1000 ft AGL
Citation = jet = 1500 ft AGL

Isn’t the Dash 8 going to cause speed problems at 1000 AAL?

Possibly, but good controllers will know how to keep an eye on spacing and speed. You see props and jets in the same pattern all the time, so it’s not that different. :)

Plus, if conflicts do arise, you get an excellent opportunity to practice resequencing. 😉

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I fly dash 8 all the time and I prefer a pattern altitude of 1200 AAL. Its sort of in between a tiddler GA and an airliner so an inbetween altitude seems to work nicely for me. They broke the mould when they made me. Such a rebel.

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That was the thing I didn’t know… Again, thanks a lot

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No problem, glad I could help!

apparently turboprop uses higher altitude on some charts