Remaining in the pattern

So to summarise: active ATC: full stop, UNICOM: don’t announce inbound for landing after u did a touch & go but just report position.

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Yea. Sounds about right.

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Thanks again, safe flights my dude abd see yah later!

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Since the controller clears your for “the option” you don’t have to announce that you will be making a full stop landing.

I agree, but i meant with Unicom, bc i know that WHEN ATC IS ACTIVE u will be cleared for full stop, but u dont have a full stop with Unicom.

It’s not needed. It’s more of a courtesy.

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I see a few things that were said that are not accurate.

If I am at an airport with CTAF (no tower), I will say something like:
(airport name) traffic, Skyhawk 88JA departing runway 20 (airport name)

Followed by calling out each leg of the pattern like:
(Airport name) traffic, 88JA downwind runway 20 (airport name).

Now if I wanted to do a full stop, it’s courtesy when you turn base to add …runway 20, full stop… to the normal callout so if there’s a plane behind you, he gives you a bit more room.

Now, at a controlled airport ATC will give you clearance to takeoff, and most likely instructors on what pattern to do all in one go.

Example: 88JA, runway 28L, clear for takeoff, make left traffic

Once that is made you do NOT have to call your position every turn to ATC, and you will most likely get your landing clearance on your downwind leg abeam the numbers. Most of the time you will get “cleared for the option” which means you can either full stop or touch and go without a problem and the continue the same pattern again.

If it is really busy at an airport like APA in Denver, it’s a nice courtesy to let ATC know your next landing will be full stop so he can have the opportunity to tell the plane right behind you to extend downwind to avoid potential go arounds.


Thanks for the info, but actually i meant a field with no ATC available (so only unicom).

When there is ACTIVE ATC i alrdy know commands like: cleared for the option, after the option make left/right traffic.
I also know that you don’t have to report position evry turn with atc. But what about unicom.

When u alrdy did a touch & go at a field with no ATC available and you’re circling around (left or right traffic) to do a full stop (u can’t annoince a fullstop, only if theres ATC) what do u say: announce inbound for landing OR do you just report position untill you land and are clear of al runways?

In the situation that i mean, theres nu ATC available but only unicom. And theres no full stop command or someone who can clear u for the option.
What do you do?

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