"Remaining in the Pattern" reminder.

We have seen an increased number of advanced server pilots who are incorrectly using the “Remaining in the pattern” command when taking off. As a reminder, the “Remaining in the pattern” command should be used if you plan to take off, turn left/right, stay within the pattern altitude, and land at the same airport you just took off from. By asking to remain in the pattern, you are informing the ATC of your intentions and ATC will then slot you for landing. This command should NOT be used if you plan to travel to another airport.

When used incorrectly, this causes the ATC confusion when trying to maintain landing sequences. We then have to focus on you to see where you are going and whether or not to issue additional commands. This can be problematic in busy airports. Many advanced ATC will send the “Please check help pages…” command when we see you use the command incorrectly.

I ask for you to please take the extra few seconds to choose the correct command when taking off. Your ATC will appreciate it!

Since we are talking about reminders, please be sure to file flight plans in advanced as needed. You can see from the latest update screen shots that the ATC has more information at their fingertips on which airports need servicing. This gets populated by the use of flight plans. This will help the ATC adequately staff airports/regions as needed.

Thank you in advance for your time and dedication! Happy flying!


This is why “remaining in the pattern” shouldn’t be the first option when requesting takeoff.


Thank you for that! Very helpful :)

Thanks for this! Another thing: The ‘Going Around’ command. Please use this only when you are on final and need to, for whatever reason, abort the takeoff and rejoin the pattern. Please DON’T use it for when you want to, say, go around the airport or through the airspace. Thanks!

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Wait what? :DD

Exactly my theory :)


we hope it is clear … it can not be more than to hear this. confuse you only …

Please, can sb tell me, if I correctly use this radio message because my intention is to fly the pattern round the runway; is there possibly a returning message from the ATC which concretely signals me that he understood what I’m asking for… That would be great because it will directly separate the wheat from the chaff right before the takeoff. For example, is ATC able to return “make left/right traffic”, or how do I know which direction is ok for him?

Yes, they tell you «make left/right traffic» or «unable pattern work» if it’s busy

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I am not sure I understand what you mean
Can you explain what is the situation?

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Hi Hezz, Hi Andre,

@Hezz: Andre got the issue right. Thanks anyway!

@Andre_S: Thank you very much. So, if they’re unable to manage pattern, then I should depart(wind direction or straight) instead?

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No problem :)

ATIS freq. will tell you if patterns are not ok.(Expert server)

Straight out departure, fly to another airport and do patterns.

Sounds good.

As we are active in this topic just right now, could you please also tell me which message an ATC will tell me when I’m moving to near/far from runway on upwind/downwind Position? AFAIK it should be 2nm right? When I am training new skills, sometimes one or more parameters “get out of range” for my mind, so maybe it happens I’m far off the way. Is airport<->position distance shown anywhere in the HUD parameters?

Example: «enter left downwind rwy 27, traffic to follow is on left base»
Contact tower when you are 25 nm out.
Distance shows in the HUD
Go to Infinite Flights channel on youtube to find good tutorials :)

Considering how many pilots on IF
that DO NOT visit this site, I don’t understand why important messages like this are not on the splash screen when login is accomplished. There could even be a I accept check box, or a link to tutorials. The current splash screen is “pretty “, but it serves no purpose other than a WOW factor. Seems like a no brainer.


I think an IN GAME atc tutorial would be beneficial - see my post for more info :)

(sorry for the self promotion, but when I saw this post, and the fact that most people don’t look at the amazing tutorials… maybe an in game tutorial which can’t be avoided.)

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Voted for your suggestion. Keep up the promotion. NOTAM of the day, and a tutorial or link upon startup of the app sure would highlight professional conduct being required on the sim.

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Thank god for this post. When I am controlling I have this happen, a lot, more than it should and it becomes beyond annoying. Thanks for clearing this up with everyone, Chris.

Yes, but those can be easily ignored…

Lets move the conversation to my post and refrain from flooding this post :P

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