(Remade) United Airlines Boeing 737-800 with Split Scimitars

Hi IFC, Today I would like to request that the United Airlines now has released it’s Split Scimitars. It is no longer having the old winglets. It’s Still partners with star alliance. I would also like to request about getting to my TL3. Is there any way I can get to Trust Level 3 so that I can get 10 votes to vote on other planes. You should see this United with split scimitars. Have a look? If you want this Remade United Airlines with Split Scimitars. Vote for it here. I have searched for it & It didn’t pop up. I have decided today to make this request for this United livery with split scimitars. If you want to see this. Also we can all vote for this livery I am requesting the Split Scimitars One. Not the old one without the split scimitars. I would love to see this United Airlines Reworked on IF. Which means Infinite Flight for the Simulator. United is an airliner that operates with Star Alliance let all of us know how you feel voting for this.

Best Friends

Probably not the way to ask for TL3. You should leave that out of your feature request


Hey @Jake_Joseph_Stefko,

I hope you realise that if your topic is a duplicate, people are not gonna vote for it.
Duplicate topics are not allowed on IFC and a lot of people & moderators have already told you that before including myself.

You have already created 8 feature requests like this and all of them got closed. It should indicate to maybe calm down with posting multiple feature requests in the space of only a few days.

I’m just saying this so you won’t end up creating another duplicate tomorrow and end up getting in trouble for violating community guidelines. It also creates clutter in the forum.
When one of the moderators sees this topic, they’re going to close it.

Also asking about TL3 isn’t going to increase your chances of getting it. Not everyone on IFC are TL3 and it’s not very easy to achieve it.

Please take a very careful look at these guidelines:



Hey, adding on to @Igor_M, asking for TL3 is the exact opposite way to get it.

Unfortunately this is a duplicate of a topic about 7-8 months old. While I understand that yours is “remade”, the other one has an equal amount of information and I see no reason for a new one. I would add a lot of info to this thread including Info about why you want this, about United and the 737, etc. You can check out the old one below: