(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!

30 Minute Painting - I used no reference either.

What do you think?


150% better than what I could have done, it’s awesome mate.

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The picture makes the plane look so weird, but it’s not like that irl

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That’s amazing! Great job @Etrain! 👍🏻😄😃😎😉

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Could someone please draw the Qantas ‘Yam Dreaming’ livery on an Airbus A350-900ULR (or a Boeing 777-8).

Have fun! lol

Qantas doesn’t have 777 or A350 yet.
The Yam Dreaming livery is only on the 787

Turkish A333?

That doesn’t prohibit one from drawing it. The artist can still make a fictional livery

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I know, I’m just the kind of guy that goes for realism. I’m not very creative.

HI there!
Sure I can do the Yam Dreaming but I will have to do as a 787-9. Is That Ok?

(BTW Mine are not as good as @BravoCharlie)

Guys, I’m closing the thread once it reaches 40 voters, so make sure to vote!

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I am aware. I would like to see a concept design of it on one of those aircraft.

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Alright. So ladies and gentlemen, the A340 has won the poll. Now, let’s conclude the liveries! Here are the contestants…

    • Qatar airways
    • Iberia (New)
    • Lufthansa (Old)
    • Thai
    • Turkish
    • Swiss
    • Eurowings

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So, after this poll reaches 35-40 votes, I will close it, and it will be decided what aircraft and livery I will draw. Happy voting!

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No One Wanted this but I’ll post it anyway!

Its A bit Blurry but if you came to my house it looks better!


Its not bad, but I think you should make your drawings bigger, because when somethings bigger, it gives you a bigger perspective to draw the picture on. Anyways, good effort! Just practice, practice, and practice!


Thanks @BravoCharlie sure have been practising

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Anytime mate ;)

BTW it actually takes up 2 and a half thirds of the page

Alright! Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank everyone who voted on both of my polls, and am Glad to say that the final decisions is… (drumroll please)

Lufthansa Airbus A340!

So I’ve found a way to record my drawing. I have a really sturdy lamp, and it’s flat on the TOP, so I can just put my phone on that and get a great birds-eye view of the drawing. For the video itself, I’ll put some nice music in the background so that you guys don’t get bored while watching it… ;)
The video will be finished within a few days
I can’t wait to show you the finished product!


Could someone draw me a British Airways Oneworld livery and include the background planes please, thanks.