(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


Hey guys, after a Long time, I have finally made the Air Belgium A340 and the Wizzair A321! I honestly think these are one of my lower-quality drawings… but here you go! And I did 2 A340’s because I wasn’t happy with the first one… let me know which A340 is better! .


Very nice! Good job


Thanks! :) I hope you like it!


No one asked for it but here’s what I’ve been working on was a southwest 737MAX7 but is 737-700NG I will change it later to a MAX7

still working on it


do you guys think there should be an A340neo???


Nah, the planes too old…


Any suggestions guys?


right now I’m drawing a southwest 737-700NG and a 737MAX7 I will transfer the NG over to a different paper and then change the original NG to A MAX7.I do have a suggestion @BravoCharlie could you draw a southwest Lone Star One?


Sounds good!


Here’s my progress on my drawing that I’m occupied with right now


what about the A346?


Awesome! Looks almost real with a black filter!


United E170 please


Can somebody draw me a Sabena 707 please?
(take a different picture if you want, this is just for reference :) )
also draw it with some visual wear, its an old aircraft you know :)



why is it upside down? xD, nice btw


its 2019 anything can happen



I know i’m irrelevant but someone give me an aircraft to draw. I will draw it in a 2D kind of shape from the side.


If your looking for something you could do a VivaAerobús A320