(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


Hey guys, another challenge. A Bombardier Q400 House Colors


@Redrado & @EverettM you can both do it ;P


Can you draw A320 SmallPlanetAirlines with Lithuania registration


Flybe Q400. Private commission.


Dang, Brandon back at it again, with his incredible drawings! :) Really great work man, and what kind of pencils do you use?


hey, @Ondrejj, I’m sorry about you’re wait but I was really busy these day with exams… I’m traveling tomorrow to Milan, so I won’t be able to do the A321 during the weekend. I’ll try my best to finish it, but expect it by next week… Sorry for the wait!


Could someone draw an Air Belgium A340 for me please? ❤️😃


Sure! I love A340’s, And BTW @Ondrejj, I finifhed the A320! I’ll be posting it while I can…
I’ll do a Swiss livery A340 ok?


sure swiss is good aswel


Wait, actually I’m very sorry, I didn’t see you put Air Belgium… I’ll do an A340 Air Belgium for you :)


no worries :)


Is this one okay?

If yes, I’ll try to do it tomorrow if I can, but I have a flight tomorrow so it’s quite tight… But expect it next week ;) Btw, Your countries’ airline has a beautiful livery! It’ll be a pleasure doing this one!


WOW as always a virtual pat on the back for you! Great job as always!


Staedtler Mars Lumograph


i can draw a plane if you want, just ask for a specific model


Here’s a Generic 727F I just finished drawing.

I’m not really that good with Multi-engine airplanes, as I mostly do twin engine airliners and such


dang son!! teach me!!!


no offense or anything but that looks amazing as a cartoon plane very good job!


great, im exited :)


Can you draw me the PAL A350? I’ll pay you. PM me :)