(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


Yeah I just drew that one.


Buffalo Lockheed L-188 Electra!
Sorry, couldn’t make it widescreen


(Also, do I need to make the file large so that I can be able to make the image widescreen?)


I like how the propellers habe this effect. I’m no artist but it’s a good looking drawing! 😉


Thank you very much


I drew you the Wizz Air A321 you asked for!

(Please excuse any sloppiness, I was drawing this when I was tired)


F4 Phantom


cool! I’ll do it…


Very nice!


Hey guys, what do you want to see me draw next?


Retro Livery UPS Boeing 727 please!


I was inside it!!! Taking off at Malta!

Also, someone has a request for me?


B767-300 Air Canada or B747-800 cargolux :)


Any requests?


It was around August 20 th or something like that!


Hello, haven’t seen you around for a while! 😊
If you want I have a request for you:
image source
Many thanks in advance!


maybe dhc6? no livery.


Ill do this one. May take me a while. im still procrastinating to do my homework.


Yes, those dates…

@Ondrejj, I’ll do it, at least you prefer to me to do other thing since @EverettM wants to do it.


I just want to try it @Redrado