(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


me too! He’s my friend from school, and I think he did a great job! =D


Thank you :)


Hey, @Ondrejj/ @TangoFox , do you have any suggestions for me?


MEA (middle eastern airlines) 747-200 old livery or new😊



I feel bad asking all the time! However, if you so wish: I hope this is easy 🤞 Wizz A321

source (Airbus)

As @TangoFox posted first you can do his first, I can wait


Thank you (^o^)


Hey, I feel like doing the a321, as I’m more into Airbus, but I will see some time if I can do the 747… Thanks for the suggestion! @Ondrejj, expect your drawing within a week :)
Ps, can I do a Wizz air, just different picture?


MD-90 Delta. No one asked for this


Of course you can.


For my next drawing, Learjet 40 or Learjet 35a


Well, he is just asking which one to draw. This has come up in a few instances before, so it really is fine :)


Hey guys! I’m taking suggestions. However, can you give me a suggestion on a Fighter Jet to draw? I think that would be interesting as there aren’t many on the thread… Btw it’s still me I just put another profile pic


Think you can draw the P51D Mustang?


Thanks for the suggestion, but can it be a fighter jet? :)



Buffalo Lookheed Electra anyone?


Also, to anyone who draws aircraft well, what method do you use to draw the plane, stippling?


I’ll draw your Lockheed electra


Awesome. I’m going to draw it as well to see how I do.


Here’s a different picture.


Cool, I’m almost done with mine though