(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


Today is my dad’s 20th anniversary since he flew his first airplane, the DC-9 in JAT (Jugoslav Airlines)
So I drew him this


So kind! (Super nice drawing!)


Thanks! :)



Thanks, good job!


Here’s a Sun Country 737. The blurriness in the middle is from my light.


Any US livery or plane request


Can someone draw me a UPS 727 in old livery? Thanks!


Hey guys, Im new here and i would like to ask you guys for any aircraft drawings that you want me to do (go easy please i am not that good)


I hope that this is easy…


Lufthansa retro A321 livery

A standarf Ryanair 737 livery

Many thanks!
Only choose 1 of them, it’s an option 😊


I remember when I was in Malta (LMML) and that went right over my head as my hotel is on the approach path to RWY 13


OK sure after I come back from school I’ll do my best to do it. I will be doing the Lufthansa retro A321 livery


On my half term i’ll try to draw a boeing md11


I made a MD-90 2 days ago so ill post it today (delta btw)


I do most of my drawings in House Colors.


@Ondrejj I did my best here you go


Well done!! this is really good for a first attempt. Thanks for taking this request 😊😁👍


hey buddy, it your friend ;) Here are some improvements:

  1. try to add some color, if not, at least add some plain shading to make the drawing stand out.
  2. When drawing the cockpit, it is the hardest part (well for me), you should try to measure the size of the cockpit, and roughly, use the size as a reference to draw the details later.
  3. Your vertical stabilizer should be a bit bigger.
    All in all, a great first attempt over here on the forum. Glad to see you join us… Remember, if you need some more examples/advice, feel free to PM me.
    Safe flying-


And BTW, any suggestions for me? I am currently doing a Westjet 787 Dreamliner, but I’m sure I’ll be able to take another drawing.


Thanks @BravoCharlie!for helpful tips. However, I am really pleased with @TangoFox’s first attempt for me 👌😊.