(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


Wow! That seems so complex, I’ve never done anything like it… Would you mind anything except this?


Junkers Ju52?



How about this nice one?


Ok I’ll do that


Sure! Looks beautiful in the new livery! Can I do a different picture though? But it might take a while:)


Yeah that’s fine.


Hey, does anybody happen to have an ANA B77W lying around?


No, but I have a blank 77W though


Delta A350-900 N509DN

Flew this plane a while back… Fell in love


Can someone draw a Malév operated plane?


I could try to next week, but I’m sure someone else could do it before then


Wicked cool! When ever you have time!


Very well done!


My own hand drawn sketch of an Aeroflot MI-26 helicopter

Please tell me on what I could improve or just,your opinion and


You could try adding some shading! Yknow, to show shadows and what not.


how do you pronounce that name?


I did one… hope you like it!


Very nice indeed, good job!


@ServerGhost here you go! This was drawn to the best of my ability. It could be more detailed, but I’m on a time limit right now.


Hey! That’s awesome!

Thank you so much, I love the liveries on their planes