(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


anyone else?


Southwest Max 7 or a Cathay Pacific A350-1000, you can choose.


Okay. Will do


Thanks, I have lots of homework too lol


Draw a Boeing 707 in the Avianca Livery!


@Joseph007 I’m gonna do the Southwest 37 cause the A350 is legit hard to draw


That is fine! I’m excited to see it!


Hey, I’m still waiting for this!IMG_7201 for over 2 weeks now.


@Canadian1337 the Hawaiian A321 looks great!


Thanks @AIDAN101!


That looks good, looks like an A319 Lol The Livery And shading is great though


What’s wrong with the livery?


Autocorrect, OOF, I’ll edit it


An my camera tends to squish images so it looks like an A319


Here’s an F-15 done in pencil. Excuse the crumples lol the paper was rather thin. Also background’s incomplete but meh




I have a drawing request: Could anyone draw an F-117?


That’s amazing mate! You’ve got some real talent! 😉😁


Hey guys I’m back again! I’m taking literally any suggestions! Ah, feels good to be back



Can you do this please?