(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


Is it ok if your drawing is Black and White? I find it is easier for me do get better quality if it is…


Here it is @Ondrejj! Hope you like it, I think it turned out pretty good!


Sorry my camera isn’t the best lol


Glad you like it!
Anymore requests?


Can someone draw me a Delta CRJ200? Thank you in advance!


I will get on it tonight expect it at around 20:30Z or 16:00Z tomorrow


Thank you!



Your C17. I ran out of paper about a week ago… haven’t had the time to get it due to being on holiday. Don’t worry, you shall receive the C17 (at some point)…


I don’t have any ideas, what should I draw now?


787-9 in the sunset!
(Future IF livery?)


can anyone guess what this is?


Kinda looks like a DC-3…


Close but it is actually a 1929 ford tri motor


Here’s a dc3


I will draw the next request (preferably a passenger jet, but I can do fighters as well


Could you draw an Hawaiian A321neo?


Will start now.


SAS Airbus A350


Currently, I can take in requests but I am only looking to do real-life passenger drawings, drawings will take about 3-6 days to complete with school and personal events etc.
@SkysTheLimit87, your CRJ200 is coming, I have just been bombarded by homework lol!


Here you are. Took me my spare double block