(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


Try drawing things upside down. You focus less on the picture and more on the lines. Take your time while drawing. Oh, and shading makes a big factor


Ok thanks I’ll give it a try


look at these too. You need to take it slow. thats the key


Very nice indeed!

Indeed he does!


I use Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils mostly, but I also have a Faber-Castel set. I currently draw on Canson Bristol Vellum surface paper. It is 100 lb. paper and is like a heavy card stock and very smooth. I also use blending tools, erasers, and proportional drawing aids. Most importantly take the time to get the details right. Each drawing takes up to 10 hours.


Thankas for the compliment! I’m actually a full time airline pilot/simulator instructor on the E170/175. I’ve just always had a knack for drawing and learning new things.


Alright I’ll look at it thanks


Who the… What the… STOP! You’re making us look bad! *-^


Alright so this really pales in comparison to the others but I thought that I’d just add it i here anyways.

Should really be waiting a few more days to post this but oh well. You can probably guess the registration.


This is incredible, I wouldn’t say it pales in contrast at all. This is good talent, keep it up!


No one requested but I did a TUI EMB190. Here it is!


I tried, @Canadian1337, but it’s still bad…

Airbus-Lufthansa mix A350-900ULR
Inspired from @Brandon_Millburg’s drawings.


Hot dang that’s great


Thank You!


Someone make a drawing of the Antonov 124 any livery. Any time, would appreciate, thanks! :)


This is fantastic! keep it up!


This is from @Pro_FS!


Wow very beautiful very good job I like, very much your draw!


Anyone got any requests? I’m free for a couple of hours…


Starting now!