(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


American Airlines 787.


Woah! Amazing :0


Oh my. That’s incredible


That!? :O



Due to going on holiday and running out of paper, I won’t be able to draw until thursday. Sorry this is taking so long.



Colerize that, and it will probably pass off as an aviation photo.


I challenge everyone who wants to draw the 737 MAX West Jet. I will do my drawing too!


I have an air Canada 737 MAX 8


Took a while but I present a Southwest 737-700. No color since I didnt have any utensils so this is the best that I could do.


A VLM airlines Fokker 50, VLM stands for Vlaamse Luchttransport Maatschappij* , “Flemish Air Transport Company” and scince im Flemish i would like this :), happy drawing
also you dont have to choose this picture, you can choose another picture from google to draw it.


I will draw it for u.


Sorry for the low quality photo.
OOF, I forgot the other gear XD.


Nice! Great job.


Aer Lingus 707


You have a serious talent my guy!


I have no words…
That is AMAZING!!


Can someone draw an EVA Air (new livery) A330-300 buttering?


What kind of pencils do you use is there a certain type of paper that works best


It looks like a combination of normal and mechanical pencil. He just has real skill. While the paper may be the nice, thick cardstock stuff, no paper or pencil will change your overalling drawing skill. From the look of how he stages his work and his setup, he’s probably a full time designer


Oh ok thanks I appreciate it is their any drawing technique that works best or any excersises that help