(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


You mean the Eskimo? I don’t see any problems with it!


Yes, I mean the Eskimo. Look at the nose…


Are you saying the blue you colored around the nose is “messed up”?


Widerøe doesn’t fly the A350, nor do they have any orders for one


Yes, the blue isn’t the right shade…


Nice new profile pic!


Hey thanks!
Just representing RCAF Virt


But I want it anyways :)


I’m sorry,wat?


Suggest ANY aircraft, so then I want them to draw a Widerøe A350


Yeah, but it doesn’t exist


Yeah, that’s why I want them to make it


You can draw any aircraft with any Livery, for me it’s a challenge. Let’s see how that Widroę will turn out


Air France Airbus A318


I Challenge you! IMG_7201


I’m working on yours, have had the flu for about 5days now really haven’t been able to do something for example I was working on it last night and I started get lightheaded and I had to put down the pencil sorry for any further delay



B there tomorrow!


Drew this back in 2017 when I still couldn’t ace a UA tail. Proportions are weird but this is easily one of my best drawings.
If anyone has any requests please feel free to ask. I won’t be able to respond for 8-9 hours though.


@Lucas_Piedra I like it a lot! But I think the nose could be pointed downward more, and the fuselage should have more depth. Good drawing though!


Well I draw better now and it’s been almost 2 years since that. But thanks for the suggestions :)