(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


Give me 24 hours


I might TRY…


that looks realy good!


Do u want the background?



Here you go. Freehand from your picture and a few others (=


You don’t need to, do as you wish!


I will also take requests, now!


@robertine I would like a Hawaiian A330 if it has not already been done.
image https://airlinerworld.keypublishing.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/news/2696.jpg


Ok, give me an hour or so!
(that exact picture or do I pick one?) @Cpt_Alpha32


@Cpt_Alpha32, here it is!

Sorry, my camera is bad…


@robertine Beautiful!


Thank you!


Hello there, can someone make a nice drawing on the Russian Antonov- An-124 or Illyushin Il-76 Volga Dnepr? But, do not trace out of any computer. Hand-drawn only. I want to see an attempt. I have been noticing some tracing around recently. Any drawing is appreciated! 😀


I might try


Yes, Very nice!!


Beautiful! a helicopter for a change ;P


Thanks! My first drawing. Also freehand. I think it turned out pretty good =D.



Any livery? (=


Yeah, I’d recommend Ukrainian Antonov Design Bureau livery for the An-124, Volga Dnepr for the illyushin 76. But you don’t have to, I’d be happy to see any drawing. :)


can someone please draw the C17 I suggested

cough cough @BravoCharlie