(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


an Air Canada Lockheed L1011 trisar (classic Air Canada livery) :)

with a black nose please :)


Does anybody happen to have an ANA B773 lying around?


I think somewhere in the attic…but I drew it in 3rd grade,I’ll draw you a new one.


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I am considering on drawing your requested VC-25 WITH F-22s escorting it


Okay, thank you!


Working on a Concorde rn. I’ll upload it in about an hour


Here’s the Concorde


Working on it rn


can’t wait :)


@Andres_Rodriguez1 I am going to put in 2 F-22s escorting the VC-25. Let me know if you want more with in 30 minutes of this message.


Uhhh, Mi-8?


I may make a more realistic version later, but here’s the drawing you requested @Andres_Rodriguez1

2 F-22s escorting a VC-25, the F-22 that’s furtherest away wasn’t very easy to draw because it was so small.
I may make a colored version later, and if I do it’ll be more detailed.


Could you draw this Royal Air Force Red Arrow (BAE Hawk T1)


I actually drew one in December :)


For some reason the photo looks way thicker than the actual drawing looks :/


Wow, really nice!


Could someone do an Air-France A319?


Give me a particular pic