(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


Roger I’ll try to


Take as long as you need 😉😀❤️❤️


Roger that


welp this topic went silent XD


UPS B752



I’m gonna ask this again, can someone draw the special Brussels Airlines A320 Red Devils, registration is OO-SNA :) ;) <3 <3


I’ll take a look and try ;)


I love this! It looks so cartoonist, and has a very unique appearance! Keep it up 🙂


Listen up Y’all ok Im working on an plane that should totally be in IF it should be done tomorrow! Try to guess it!


what should I draw next?

  • Delta MD-90
  • Delta 737-700
  • Amerijet 727
  • Allegiant A319 “Make A Wish”
  • American Eagle ERJ-145
  • Air Inuit 737-200
  • Singapore 747-400 “Tropical”
  • Airtran 717-200 “Orlando Magic”

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Here is my BAe 146 200


Can someone draw an American Eagle E145


I can but it will be a while…


That’s fine


Any requests preferably commercial jets


Could you draw an Air Frace A340-300, please? Thanks!


Now, I’m not drawing for any specific people, but the reason for my silence here was to allow myself time to release a bunch of real detailed drawings. (Some are done, but I want to post a lot in 1 post)


I’m glad you like it


@Tim_Verheyden here ya go!