(Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it!


Sure thanks man! 😀😉❤️❤️


No problem ;)


Is it okay if I do a FedEx Md-11 or does it have to be a DHL, because I’m searching for a DHL md-11 and it doesn’t exist…


Thats the reason i suggested it, because it doesnt exist you can use your imagination a bit 😀😉❤️❤️


I like that! No problem, I will find a picture of any md 11 and draw it with the DHL livery! See ya tomorrow… please remember that there is a chance that i might not be able to do it ;)


Thanks and dont worry if you cant, i get it its difficult, i draw just liveries on printed out outlines of aircraft


OMG, thats amazing!!! @BravoCharlie, if i may say so - its better than the real thing!


Hey guys, I know that they say that practice makes perfect that’s not the case for me unfortunately for me with drawing & art/craft. So, I would like to congratulate and thank you all the great aircraft that have been drawn so far on this thread! Personally I would like to thank @Brucelee for the fantastic 757-200 Iceland air he drew very professionally!
Thanks IFC!


Thanks! Please just tell me anytime if you would like another one :)


@Johnathan_Kwiatkowsk it’s done!


That’s really thin tracing paper… If you do them onto a standard AT 80gsm paper, you’ll be able to get much darker tones 😉 which will make shading easier. It’s still good!


@ILOVE7879 I didn’t forget your request, westjet 787. It is a work in progress, I made some progress!


That is really impressive - beats my artistic skills by a long shot


OMGL that is stunning - love the detail on the nose and the engines!


I love it thats amazing thank you!


a319 progress!


Here it is! The DHL MD-11… However, I’m not so happy on how the livery turned out… Hope you like it!


That looks amazing! 👏


made up livery for Breast Cancer awareness American A319 I also free drew this😝


Wow! That’s so awesome!