(Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it!


Westjet Max 8 New livery & Westjet 787 New livery


Only one please! I will do one!


Either or I’ll be happy


@Redrado why don’t you do the WestJet 787 and I’ll do the Max 8? I haven’t drawn many 737s so it would be a nice experiment for me 🙂


Oh, good! I wanted to do the 787 because the same reason!


WOW very impressive!! Can I ask if you can a Iceland air 7575-200 (Only if you have time!)


can someone draw this for me


Wow!!! Super impressve


WOW!!! This is sooo nice.


That’s crazy good! Thanks so much :D


Can I get a Fedex Express MD-10 landing please?


767 progress!


WOW. That looks amazing. I could only dream of drawing to that quality. Great job!


I’ll probably do that if I have time.


Yeah sure I can do it but it won’t be ready before 2/3 days if that’s okay with you


Yes that’s perfectly fine!!


If you have the time to wait I can do it for you in a week after I do the Icelandair 757


American airlines retro TWA 737 800


Yes please take all the time you need


When your finished with your current stuff. Can you make me a Robinson R-44 Raven II I have been drawing Robinson helicopters sense I was five and I’m pretty good but I’ve seen your drawings and I want to see how it looks. I want a tan paint with a maroon line going from the nose to the end of the tail with the N numbers N44XC and if you do allll of that… that’s my dads helicopter thank you lol. Here’s a picture of it

(please have doors)