(Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it!


Thanks :) It looks great I am waiting for the other one that could be done by Jan. 6.


Zoom Airlines, Registration C-RGMA, Boeing 757-200 please… picture attached below :) Any time before January 27th please!!!


Hi, thats great thanks :)


Could i have a zoom airlines B752 (picture below) with registration
🇨🇦C-RGMA Ps. I need it before 27th January :)



Hi there! Could I do the 757 a side view? Or does it have to be this picture. I am good at side view drawings so i’m just asking…


can i do this picture with your registration? If yes, I will try to finish within 6th january for you! :D


Hi, thats great with me! You could put the reg where it says 757 at the back?


No prob! I will start tomorrow :D


Hey buddy, I’ll see if I can get this done for you tonight… It won’t be this angle, and the reasoning is simply that I don’t want people thinking I trace my drawings 😉 but I’ll see what magic I can cook up for you.

@Redrado don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about your drawing of the A350… Just been very busy recently, it’s currently a WIP!


Thanks it looks great


He just uses this thread to display his works. You could email him and request one, but as he does professional drawings, it will cost money. Sorry about that. I’m sure someone else would be happy to draw it for you!


When I have a Chance, I would be more than happy to smash this one out for you. Typically I don’t use colour but I can make an exception of you wish 🙃


Emirates A310


Hi CathayPacific, we’re already on an email thread


@Redrado, i’m sorry but i will have to cancel your A350, it’s because i’m really busy and i’m flying tomorrow… Hope you understand


actually, I will finish by January 11th…


I come back! Any requests? (I will try harder!)

@Kirito_77 don’t worry, take your time

@BravoCharlie I understand it, it’s okay


Any requests? I will try harder!


Well I drew this decent CS100 taking off from Montreal Mirabel.


Well with 2 months delay I finished it (sorry btw) Qantas A380 with the new livery :