(Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it!


I never even knew that there was such thing as a BA Twin Otter… Good to know!

Whilst I’m here… This thread is called suggest any aircraft, can we stop with the polls? It kinda defeats the whole request aspect of the thread 🤷


That is so good and my favourite airline and aircraft :)


I ended up drawing one for you too, enjoy. Comes with an extra sailboat too


United 777-300ER?


Here’s your Singapore airlines A350. Sorry if this is either done twice or from the wrong person, enjoy.


I am open to draw any suggestions


What is the tail number?


Here you go, your United B777-300ER. Enjoy!


Awesome!! Thanks for doing that, she’s a beauty!


Anyone wanna attempt to draw me a ERJ-145 at a gate? (It’s for my dad) I need someone to draw a really nice one for my dads birthday. He used to fly one…

And if it could be replicated like that it would be great! :) I tried to pick an easy one.


I’ll try to finish it by January 6th!


Ok,what airforce,canadian,us navy,marines,


Awsome! I can but can it be a side view?


WOW! That looks awesome! Amazing job…


NIce! Great job


Can someone draw an raf anti flash camo c-5 galaxy


On this in, this position


US navy, blue angels please? thanks


OK,! I will get it to you as soon as I can!


Here is your ERJ-145 in American Eagle livery, enjoy!


Sorry for the terrible writing on the sides and underside to them and the shoddy camera(alternate iPad) but here you go