(Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it!


ok no problemo


Brandon creates some stunning one of a kind prints on commission. If you haven’t already seen it,. I recommend checking his Instagram out where he posts images of his stunning creations.

Whilst im here, requests anyone?


Can you do a Twin Otter drawing? Any livery :)


Could you please thry a Singapore Airlines A350 “10000 Airbus aircraft”livery?

If you do it,

Credit: Here


@BravoCharlie @Redrado I’ll do my best, I’ve done plenty of a350s, but never a twin otter, so this ought to be interesting 🙂


Thanks! Take all the time you need


Awesome! Thanks a lot, good luck :)


i can try! I love A350’s and I love Singapore airlines as I have been on them many, many times…Expect it by next week :)


Can someone do this


I feel like this one was the best one I’ve made so far. I made up this private jet as well.

Made this Delta MD88 as well

I just finished this one tonight. For a VA I run, I made the livery myself.

I recently bought a new sketch book (or a drawing book). The pages are a bit corse, so it’s great to draw on and practice to make shadows and stuff.

I only use Mechanical Pencils and colored pencils.


It should be 787-9 instead of 787-8.
But anyways nice drawing.


Not Requested But Awesome


You can push something on people by requesting the same thing over and over again. If no one has done it by now the probably wont ever


Dude, there is literally no difference in the aircraft Except for the dash 9 being longer than the dash 8.


I’ll do it for you, I’ll try to get it done by the end of the day :)


Thank you!!! 😀


PLAF J10B-TVC on Zhuhai airshow


Wow! Well done.


@Redrado, Hey i’m doing your Airbus a350, so ill finish it by 2 days… sorry for waiting so long… :D


Awesome, However, I think you need some better coloring on the right wing… But seriously, really cool.