(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


Norwegian 787-9. Freddie Mercury.


Absolutely stunning! Will there be prints ?


Oh… my… gosh…
Absolutely stunning! It really did flabbergast me! How long did it take?🤯😳


This is really great! Your skills are OP👌😊


I don’t really keep track, but 10+ hours over a few days time.


This was commissioned so probably no prints.


Well, I admit that I am bad at drawing, so I traced this one (though I am planning on making liveries on copies of it, without tracing)


draw the Qantas retro 1959 livery (boeing 737-838)

and the New RDFS Jet in western australia


Qatar Cargo B748F, A7-BGB

Original Photo:

My Drawing:


This is my first post on the topic but I am in the progress of making a aircraft and it looks so cool right now but it will look better when I am finished here is the plane


Ik it is really bad but it was my first time


I like it!


Don’t be hard on yourself. You did an incredible job! For all I know, I could never draw a plane that good!


Thank you guys for the support


Hi guys, i’m back. Do you have any suggestions?


Evaair B787-9


I made this. Do you mind sketching that livery on an A321 in this position


  • A320 (New Livery)
  • A320 (Old Livery)

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Sure, i’ll do your suggestion first, but i will see if I can do the Jetstar next time…


Here It is! The eva air B787-800