(Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it!


Will do, let me take a look


It’s very good! The only thing I’d suggest would be to make the antennae on the tail longer and lower the nose. Otherwise, it’s great


I’m proud of this one… Do you guys like it?


Once the best photo!


FedEx Express Boeing 727-233F (N281FE) Taken @ KPDX 20 May 2011

Drawn 16 November 2018


I drew an air tanker lol (it’s bad, And yes I used color pencils)


That is amazing. Would love an 777-300 turkish airlines.


I tried sorry


No its fine


Can anyone do an Alitalia A330 or B77W in the new livery that would be awesome! Thanks!!


Thanks! I draw very occasionally so it’ll be awhile before I can draw that, but I will eventually :)


I like to bounce between drawings. So here I present the a220 #notmyairbus in a special livery. Bonus points if you quess the airline XD


Air Baltic a220-300 Latvia livery


I can! I wll start right now…


Almost !


And there she is!


Evaair b787-9 please.


Nice, although I think you should make the tail generally bigger, anyways very good!


After many weeks it’s finally done!

Pan Am 747-121


Can you draw me a ups plane like a md-11f