(Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it!


Any peeps got something I can diddly darn doodle?


How about @Steveo1kinevo’s TBM?


Thank you! :)


Oh. My bad. I didn’t catch that.


Yes! Excellent suggestion. Sounds like my evening is now occupied!


@Altaria55 You’re welcome. 🙂✈


There aren’t really many pictures lately so here is my WIP. (It’s my first drawing in over a year so don’t be too harsh XD)


Really good! But I will do smaller the cockpit windows


Sorry I’m a little late, I had complications but it’s almost done


Hey Bruce! Try drawing a jetBlue A320 in the FDNY livery.


It would irresponsible for me to accept right now in the circumstances that I find myself in.


That looks great! Nice job @straik!


Soon the a320 will be finshed and im tring to draw the (almost full) airbus famili and i dont know witch livery to draw in the a330. If anyone has request…


Air Canada is a good one. Maybe even AAL.


Oh yeah, the new livery look soo good. Ty for the sugegestion
(Edit : It has the rolls royce engines as well that imo look the best)


Nobody suggested this, but I made a list on aircraft I’ll draw.
My first one on the list - A Northwest Airlines Boeing 707.



A Poll on What I should Draw!

  • Delta 737-800 W/ Split Schimtars
  • Etihad 787-9 2016 Livery
  • Iranair A330-200
  • American 737-800 Air Reno Heritage
  • Lufthansa A320NEO First to Fly the A320NEO

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Top 2 Being Done!


Next on the list: An Olympic Air Boeing 717-21S (SX-BOC)

Original Photo:

My Drawing:

Hope you like it!


Can someone do a Virgin Atlantic 747-400?


@Northwest, give the NW lover’s review.