(Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it!


Man! The Yam dreaming Qantas is hard, but it’s the perfects challenge. cracks fingers I’ll hopefully do it within 2-3 days.


is this okay?


Would be perfect ;)


no thank you’😂


Cool, I’ll do it ASAP


Alaska Boeing 737-800 (new livery)

Had a lot of fun with this one ;) No ruler used!


That’s a A320, not an A321. The A321 does away with overwing exits.


Is it OK if I put a picture I did


If it’s a drawing, go right on! If not, there are multiple different topics for Infinite Flight photos.


Hey guys i’m back! I’m gonna do a big A3 drawing, you guys tell me wich aircraft I should do!


Do Qantas, their new livery on the A380 :D


All right! I’ll find a good picture and get started but it will take a bit less than a week to finish it.


Somebody said I could put a drawing I did. So I’m going to post it

It’s not that good I know it’s not the plane, I need practice but I like it


The idea is there, but I think you have to put some realism on that drawing as it looks plain without shadows etc. Good job…


@ItsBlitz im sorry but i dont have alot of time to do the drawing, ill do it withing this week…


Qantas 707-120!


It’s true. I’m not that good at drawing but I like drawing planes.


Nobody requested this (I think) but I drew and Air Canada New Livery 737 MAX-9. Not my best drawing ever, but I think I did okay. Here is the original photo:air%20canada%20737%20max%208

And here is my drawing:



You make very beautiful aircraft drawings✈🙂


FYI that’s a MAX8 not MAX9. found this exact image on google.