(Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it!


First drawing here, not the best because the tail is off and so is the engine, but I like it :)


Can someone draw me an (Retro livery) MEA A321


Yes! I can, i have been wanting to do A321’s. it will be finished within the 30th of October :)


That’s okay! Enjoy your break.


I might have a plan to draw the A321NEO…


What aircraft is that?


An A319, not the best but it’s my first drawing here.


It’s not bad


Thank you for the support!


@Altaria55 Not requested from me but an ANA dash 8 i drew while back :)


Hey! @BravoCharlie I told you to do Vueling a 321, do you remember that?

Take your time, is not very important but don’t forgot it please!

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Yes, I’m aware of that, I am very sorry but I didn’t have as much time as I thought I did… I’ll do it right now! Sorry😬


It’s okay, don’t worry


One of the first GA aircraft on the thread I beleave.


Here it is! The vueling a320


Any suggestions on what to draw?


What about the Yam Dreaming (Just A Challenge) ;)

If it’s to hard, then a AAL 738 Air Reno Heritage TWA Livery

(Just saying, near the first door, it says A321


I’ve asked in the past, but nobody did it; I guess no one was brave enough to try this, but I’ll ask again…

Good luck.


Gorgeous, I love it! Is very very good!!! Thanks!


Progress! My best drawing yet.

I know the paper is creased but it’s been in my bag a lot.