(Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it!


Not Bad! The only improvement you could make is the cockpit. The rounded edge is too big. Well done.


Quite a decent drawing! I agree here with @BravoCharlie that you should make the cockpit windows a bit better.


Just finished another Middle East Airlines a330-200 drawing


I also finished this Thai A340


Coming very soon (for sure ^^)


So I drew a Delta CRJ-700 last year.


Sorry to the guys that gave me a request (@Joseph007 @Altaria55) but I’m going to take a break for a week or two. See you then!


That looks so clean man! But I think the wings are too Long and the engines are too far apart. :)


Here is the original picture. The engines are really far apart and I will cut the paper a bit on the right side because the wing is too long


amazing! have a go at a porter q400! :)


Totally fine! Have a good break!


Alaska Airlines 737-900ER. Please


I already did one, you should check it out. I think its post number 3025, :)


OK thank you for letting me know.


I don’t see it but it’s ok


N514RS Beechcraft Starship!


Can Anyone draw me a Virgin America A321NEO?


its post number 2910 :)


Theirs this amazing quality A321neo of VX somewhere in the thread.


Oh ok then