(Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it!


Yes I’ve changed now,

Any suggestion for draw? but please only small airplanes maximum as a320 or similar.


I probably won’t be finished with the Iberia A330 today so i’ll finish it tomorrow.


Okay, is not a problem. Finish it tomorrow.


g o r g e o u s




What should I draw? (Icelandic Airlines) Poll will close tommarow

  • 737 MAX8 Icelandair
  • A330 WOW Air
  • A321Neo WOW Air
  • 767 Icelandair
  • A320 Wow Air “WOW Force One”

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@Redrado So I was flipping through some of my sketchbooks and found this drawing of an Iberia a340 eggplane
that I did about a year ago.


It’s very cool I love it!!! Thanks!


Haha glad you like it


It’s an egg plane I still can’t do better.


Just finished this Middle Eastern Airlines A330-200 that my Friend asked me to do in school

Any thoughts/suggestions?


nice 7 window setup for the longest plane in the world haha eggplanes ftw


Haha! Yes, indeed


@Redrado there you go finished 5 minutes ago!


Bruce, please make me a Southwest 737-700! I need to see how great it will look!


This weekend with pleasure but I can’t right now (work)


That’s fine, take your time on it.


Incredible!!! I rally love it! Thanks!


@Brucelee Hi, can you draw an ANA Wings Q400, please? (with color, if you can)

If you can do it with color, can you make it silver instead of white? If you can’t do silver, it’s fine.


I usually don’t do colours but I can give it a try.
But don’t expect a finished product before a few days.