(Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it!


thank you very much!


I wish I could draw I just can’t though I’m awful.


Here you have it @Riley_Grim

I hope you like it


Don’t succumb to criticism here bro, yes, it is quite short, but it gives the drawing an unique characteristic that shows it to be yours. Keep it up, you’re doing a great job!

Art is subjective. I had an A in art, but the tests you do at school are very different from drawing a plane. Everyone has something they’re good at 😉


Yes please, thanks


Here you have it @Dylan_M

I hope you like it


Hey! @Yacht did you saw the finished aircraft?


Yeah, looks great! Can’t wait to see mine!


Can you draw me a qantas Airlines a380 at the gate please


I will try it for tomorrow.


Ok thanks take your time


It’s pretty decent, thanks a lot!


Progress on an A320! Whadya think of it?


It’s a good start. Try working on the perspective a little…are you using any images for referencing?


Your missing the bottem black strip


Haven’t seen a max yet so ill be the First 737 Max 8 westjet new livery


You have some serious talent! Amazing.


@Redrado thank you that is a really good drawing


look what I drew


Do you want it like this? @Michael_Czyz

Photo https://thefoodieworld.com.au/2018/08/qantas-a380-economy-review/

Is just an idea for draw it.