(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!

Can you do @George_Alazar’s aircraft I dont have time…

Nah, I’ve done the american B787 before I think.

Tahiti Nui 787, get those pencils working haha

Woah, woah, Slow your role partner ;)

That livery is so cool, but its very hard to draw… Anything else?


@AlphaSeven sorry to go off topic but would you want me to make you a profile picture? Just learning and enjoy making them a lot!

You can post this here:


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El Al retro?


Done that before ;)

I’m looking for B787 ;)

That’s great!

B787 with KLM

@Zach007 Starting your Delta A330 now

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Which 787 variant do you want to draw?

Any variant :)

Done that as well :)

@AlphaSeven I can’t draw 787 so can you please draw a United 787-10?

Woul you like to draw the ANA Star Alliance 787?

Source: https://www.airliners.net/photo/Star-Alliance-All-Nippon-Airways-ANA-Air-Japan/Boeing-787-9-Dreamliner/5209093
Pick any picture you’d like from google or something.

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Not my best but the body is getting there aswell as the wing a bit more practice and I’m ready for the a350


Correct me if I’m wrong but I think you may have put one too many wheels on it.

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