(Remade) Suggest Any Aircraft, We'll Draw It!


So if any of you remember the popular drawing post I made nearly 1 year ago, I was looking to remake that. After a one year hiatus, I’m finally back into my good ol’ aeronautical self - So without further adue, LETS DRAW!!

Accepting other fellow pilots who want to draw, as always.

If we run out of requests, which would you like to see?

  • Delta MD-90
  • Delta 737-700
  • Amerijet 727
  • Allegiant A319 “Make A Wish”
  • American Eagle ERJ-145
  • Air Inuit 737-200
  • Singapore 747-400 “Tropical”
  • Airtran 717-200 “Orlando Magic”

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EDIT: Once we reach 50% on a particular aircraft I will make a watercolor drawing of said aircraft on a huge paper piece.

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Suggest any Aircraft, I'll draw it!
Suggest any aircraft, I will draw it!!
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Suggest any Aircraft, I'll draw it!
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You can edit your original topic the title you made for this topic:)


Well the old topic is getting old and a bit messy.

I think a new start will look a bit better.


Can you draw a MD-11 with the American Airlines livery? If you can please do it.


Just bump the old topic man


Draw a Delta A320 please! :)


Airbus A350
With carbon livery


Virgin Australia 737-800 would be awesome!


Southwest B737-800! thanks!:)


Please! Southwest Airlines “Colorado One livery!”



American Air MD-11

This was done on a small 4x6 paper, because that’s all I have at the moment.-


One Delta Airbus coming right up

This again was done on 4x6 paper. I will add more details once I have larger paper. And oh god this already looks horrible


Qantas 787-9. Not the one from IF, the real world one (in the new livery).


I will do Colorado One. Look at post 1167 on the old thread to get an idea of the quality.


thank you so much!


I will also try to help do some. If that’s okay


I would like to see you draw an Etihad B787-9 and an Air India B787-8.


Draw a EVA 777 (new or old I don’t care)!


Someone give me a Finnair A321LR. :)


Air Koryo TU-204