Relying Only on Low Power Mode?

2 things I find interesting in this thread:

  1. People changing their graphic settings to low. Sounds like a good idea, but it’s been mentioned multiple times by Seb that changing the settings increases the chance of app crashes. Is it really worth it?

  2. Setting tail cam, pointing cam into sky, and going to night vs cockpit seat and night

With the cockpit seat the issue is it’s technically not all black. However, the tail cam also raises an issue where it’s technically not all black (more rendering I’m assuming) because there are A. stars and B. the time is live, so eventually it will become day. So which one is really better? Wouldn’t it be good to have a fully pitch black view that does not render anything?

An AI search gave me a counter argument to the negatives you mentioned.
Sources are linked further below (I also wanted further clarification on this):

"It’s a common concern that leaving a smartphone plugged in for a long time, especially while running power-consuming tasks, could harm the battery. However, modern smartphones and their chargers are designed to manage power intelligently and prevent overcharging.

Once the battery reaches 100%, the device will gradually reduce the charging current. This means you don’t have to worry about overcharging damaging your smartphone’s battery.

However, it’s worth noting that both extreme heat and high charging power levels can cause lithium-ion batteries to age faster. If your phone is in a poorly ventilated case or a hot environment while charging, it could potentially lead to faster battery aging.

In conclusion, while it’s generally safe to have your device plugged in while running tasks, it’s best to avoid extreme temperatures and ensure good ventilation to prolong your battery’s lifespan1. Remember, like any consumable good, a smartphone battery will eventually need to be replaced after its life cycle."

Yes, this is the question I had.

Of course, as far as darkening the screen further, it seems intuitive that would draw even less power. But with it fairly dim already (though not blacked out), is there that much extra power savings to even bother?

I don’t think it’s necessarily true that darker equates with less rending. If the logic switches off substantial rendering because it is completely black night, it could make sense. But very low light levels, above completely dark, might call for all view direction polygons and textures to still be processed.

Stars should be comparatively lower processing intensive.

But the above are just my assumptions.

I was considering tests for my phone to give some insight to if my actions beyond low power mode are really much affecting power drain.

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I will add to this that you can set the max percentage at 80-85% on most recent device.

I do check on it temporarily every 45 mins or so to monitor everything is okay. But yes thank you for letting me know this information is very useful.


As for my setup, I implement a few practices to enhance my experience. Regardless of the flight direction, I always create a dim environment inside the cockpit by enabling low power mode and reducing the brightness to its lowest setting. Additionally, I typically keep the charger connected to ensure my phone remains adequately powered throughout the flight.

As another tip, I have an air-conditioning unit at home, so I make a habit of placing my phone near it to prevent overheating, which could potentially cause the app to crash.

Honestly, I have no idea how much about this is actually working, my common sense says that a dark screen would safe the battery or screen life a little bit longer.

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May I ask how the direction would make a difference? Is it because of the sun?

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Ah, read a little too quick. I see you also are not sure about the graphics setting change. Honestly, you’re saying that at the end of the day it shouldn’t make too big of a difference depending on what method you choose, but if your device is extremely old, even that extra power settings could seemingly be worth it. Energy savings I presume would be negligible, though I’m not too knowledgeable on how much extra wear would be saved from this (tho I’m guessing probably also not a lot)

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Yeah the sun usually rises on eastern flights after like 6-7 hours

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Is it the opposite in the west?

Well since the sun rises in the east you’re flying away from it when you’re going west, thus prolonging the night

Makes sense

So, I assume you’re trying to achieve the same as me (and others) in panning up?

But I’m wondering what the key factors are for power savings and if it makes sense to reduce the problem to:
1)minimizing screen brightness
2)minimizing processing load (operations per second)

  1. is pretty obvious though it might be a question how much more power savings you get if you turn the screen down from say, when it’s already at 10% of maximum brightness, all the way to zero.

For 2. though, I’m wondering about this statement:

“while it might seem intuitive that panning to a less complex scene would reduce power consumption, the increase in frame rate could offset some or all of the potential power savings.”

If low power mode reduces the frame rate, maybe any additional panning to a supposedly benign direction actually isn’t doing much?

I don’t know if my thinking is correct, and if it’s actually more complicated or not.

I don’t pan up to reduce battery usage, I pan up to avoid burn in. The stars are constantly moving because of turbulence. I play on an iPad Air 5, it’ll go for like 16 hours in ideal conditions so battery isn’t usually my concern.


I kind of forget, that was a key priority in me originally turning everything down as well. Now I just do it by habit. It’s not just power, heat, and battery degradation.

But I still wonder if a “one click” and forget option might be helpful to a wide audience of users (though it’s likely desirable to contain “option clutter”). But maybe low power mode is already that option. There might be info I missed in searching the forum.

The day before yesterday I managed to get an iPad Pro that no one was using in the house. It was originally my sisters but she got a laptop for university so I asked if I could have the iPad. I transferred all the data and everything from my old iPad ( iPad 2nd gen ) to the iPad Pro. Is that a good device to run infinite flight? If I am doing long hauls what should I do to avoid glitches, disconnections etc?

Glad to hear I’m not the only one that does this. I figure we have a warranty for a reason right ? Haha 😂

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Have to use it for something lol @Dr3ambigg3r

You have an I phone 14?

That’s a clever trick with the Samsung Game Launcher! Lowering brightness and graphics in Infinite Flight definitely helps, and muting the sound is a good tip too. It would be cool if Infinite Flight had a built-in power saving mode like the Game Launcher. Here’s hoping they consider adding something like that in a future update!

In the meantime, you might be able to find similar features by checking Infinite Flight’s settings for options like “low power mode” or graphics adjustments. Who knows, there might be hidden gems!

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