Relying Only on Low Power Mode?

Anyone relying only on low power mode kicking in, without making any other adjustments when you leave your device for an extended cruise on AP?

I have “superstitious” habits of also going to night setting, panning up in virtual cockpit view, and zooming in on a dark area on the map.

Though I don’t ensure min graphics settings as I think some have suggested.

Two questions:

1)Is any of the above overkill?
2)If some such additional steps are beneficial, is it worth a feature request for a “single button” option to save time in accomplishing all useful power saving steps (beyond just the current low power mode)?

What are your thoughts?

I either go tail cam → face at the sky (usually for western flights) and night, or use the interior drone cam and find a dark panel in the cockpit (usually for eastern flight).

  1. I don’t think it’s overkill. It’s not worth risking it.
  2. It takes like two seconds to set everything up like that so I would say no, it’s not worth it.
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im not too sure how necessary this is. i set all my graphics to low, put the time to night, brightness all the way down and set my phone down in front the air condition. i think thats all you need

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I just take my phones case off and charge my phone in. I Don’t bother with the camera and just leave it on the default cockpit view. So the flight is always loading scenery.
My phone will get somewhat hot if it’s new scenery that needs to be loaded. But if already loading its not a problem at all.

I Never had a problem with this set up.
→ iPhone 14Pro
→ 30W 9.0V==3.0A charger (long hauls / at cruise)
→ 61W 20.3V==3.0A charger (Short flights / active)
→ I also have a razor R170X cooler but I almost never need it.

Even quicker is to go into cockpit mode, point the camera downwards, and zoom into the seat. Effectively the same thing, lowering the demand on the device.

I’m even more “overkill”, I use free cam to look at a night so essentially my cam doesn’t move at all

The seats aren’t perfectly black though.

I always keep my iPad on low power mode and before I take off I set two wing views using the interior drone to where ever I like to position it on the plane. Once I’m in cruise I switch to one of the two interior drone wing views and press pause if it’s on live so then people can know I’m offline

Fortunately, Samsung device have the “Game Launcher” so the screen become really black at all, before that, be sur to lower the two graphic setting who can be adjusted in flight, no sound, low charging speed and there you go.

It’s cool if Infinite Flight can have something like the power saver mode of the Samsung Game Launcher.


All I do is just zoom in on one of the cockpit seats, set the interface to disappear and lower my brightness all the way down and then just let the IF low power setting kick in, and plug it into the charger.

I don’t bother setting it to night or reducing the plane count or graphics etc, and I’ve had no issues at all on my iPad Pro. Maybe cuz i got it last year so it’s still pretty new, but that’s all I do for precautions.

No, because low power mode barely charges your iPad, or device when it’s on. It’s programmed to try to keep the power at the same percentage, so it doesn’t charge well.

I’ve never had issues with my device not charging well, unless you mean the iOS low power mode? Because the low power mode I use is the setting in Infinite Flight which you can turn on, and it always charges my iPad as usual

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I just leave my phone running as normal. Plugged into a 12-watt charger, with auto low power mode enabled to limit the framerate. I can max out the graphics on my iPhone 11, and I only get FPS dips in major hubs from the (in need of replacement) battery getting too hot.

I’m talking about iOS low power mode :D
Yes IF low power mode is pretty good!

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Looking at this I think I should zoom into something now to save battery. It seems like a smart idea idk why I haven’t heard of this before

Just so you know, that’s not how the “away” mode works. That away label will come up next to your name if you don’t touch the screen for 2 minutes, regardless of whether you are on the pause screen.

I basically do everything, but I’m more thinking about reducing the chance of a crash. My iPad will charge fine.

• All graphics settings down
• Night, ideally one of the ones where’s it’s really dark
• Zoom into cockpit ceiling
• Put iPad on silent incase they send out one of those all aircraft messages like “event starting” or “server update in progress” or I forgot to tune out of unicom because they have woken me up before 😂
• Screen brightness all the way down

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Oh 🤦🏾. Well I guess it’s also to protect my plane from other curious people wondering what this or that button does and ends up crashing my plane. I saw on the loading screen one time before a flight that if u press pause on a live flight it shows other people you are away. Idk maybe I read it wrong

Even without using game launcher you can see Samsung lowers the brightness to pitch dark and it really saves battery alot when doing long hauls.

This isn’t the smartest idea but I leave my device plugged in. It’s worked for years and keeps it at 100% yes I know it kills the lithium battery but I don’t really care. When I’m doing long hauls cuz that’s all I really do I just go in the interior cam set the time zone to night and just leave it. I turn the brightness down and this is with scenery details on high and aircraft in one frame also high. Device doesn’t usually over heat.

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